Art Studio Classes begin Next week!

The Art Studio Environment has been thoughtfully set up by Miss Sandra and art studio classes begin next week!. During her set up time Miss Sandra focused on adding elements of Color, texture, shape and line and she will be exploring these elements along with various mediums, tools and art process throughout the schoolyear. Art Studio is a place of research and exploration and not a place where a product like a craft is being made, think process not product. This week students came into art studio, Miss Sandra introduced herself as well as the various areas of Art Studio. She also took a photograph of each child that she will use in art studio to label their work, and as a tool to get to know students from every classroom. Your child’s teacher will also be joining them, taking notes, photos and recording dialogs of your children.
Teachers will be asking questions like:
What do I notice?
What do I wonder?
What do I speculate?
Then have a chance to touch base with Miss Sandra after each session to review notes, ideas, and ask questions.
We are thrilled to have Miss Sandra teaching Art Studio this year. In case you didn’t know Miss Sandra is the founder of My School and has been working hands on with children for 45years! Please feel free to visit the art studio alone or with your child anytime. You will also have a chance to tour the Art Studio and meet Miss Sandra at our upcoming Parent night.


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