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Established in 1973 as a preschool and kindergarten, My School continues to serve children 2.8 yrs. through 8 yrs. and their families in a warm, beautifully appointed Victorian, centrally located in Dover, New Hampshire. The 2013-2014 school year marked our 40 year anniversary. This same year, Sandra Proll, founder, owner & director, “passed the torch” to Kim Morrissey & Diane Bellington making them the new owners of My School. Kim has taken over as director and Diane as assistant director. Today we continue to offer an early childhood environment that invites children, families, educators & the community to collaborate in a rich and stimulating learning process.

Celebrating 45 Years

For the past 45 years we have offered a program that focuses on the most important years of development, the early childhood years. We recognize it is during these crucial years that children will explore, reflect, and learn a major portion of their cognitive, social, and physical skills.With that belief continually in mind, the My School staff has made a concerted effort to research, investigate, and apply the most forward thinking philosophy of how children best acquire knowledge. This journey of probing, reflecting, and considering children’s learning capacities continues to provoke and challenge our dedicated learning community.

Philosophy & Inspiration

Our Reggio-Emilia inspired philosophy is based on the following set of guiding principles:

  • The child as protagonist, collaborator, and communicator
  • The teacher as partner, nurturer, guide, and researcher
  • Collaboration as the foundation of the educational system
  • The parent as partner and advocate
  • Documentation as communication

The Reggio approach also includes using the environment as a “Third Teacher” and encouraging children to wonder & speculate on unlimited topics. Topics are explored through language and math, arts, science, and physical development. Learn more about our Programs here.

Environment as Third Teacher

At My School, our environments are organized, beautiful, warm, and homelike; offering a wealth of materials and equipment designed specifically to stimulate and provoke investigation. In our explorations and studies we have recognized the importance of the environment as the “third teacher”. It is the design and use of space that encourages, communicates, and relates to children’s natural curiosity and preparedness to learn.

Outside Environment

We also value our outside space as an extension of our learning environment.

Preparing the Herb Garden

Enhancing Our Curriculum

In the summer of 2005 several staff members collaborated in efforts to review and enhance our list of goals and curriculum objectives for our students. Our research and experience, as well as standards from the National Council, guided us in this revision. Our standards and objectives are available to families and will be shared with you at our family meetings, as well as part of your child’s mid-year and final portfolio evaluation.

Additional Offerings

My School provides many opportunities for enrichment. In addition to our Art Studio, we have a Cooking Studio which students visit in small groups to prepare and cook a variety of recipes. We also have a piano with optional piano lessons available with an experienced teacher.